“Indiana Ducks Unlimited Indiana Waterfowl Hunting and Ducks Unlimited: A Perfect Pair”

DU began its journey in 1937, during the Dust Bowl when North America’s drought-stricken waterfowl population had sunk to record levels. In a bid to not sit in the midst of a drought as the waterfowl populations on the continent declined beyond their recovery A small number of individuals joined forces to create an organization that came to be known in the form of Ducks Unlimited.

Conserves, restores and manages wetlands as well as habitats for the waterfowl of North America. They also provide benefits to the wildlife of other species and humans. Conservation of waterfowl faces significant problems as wetlands and habitats are being destroyed in many Ducks Unlimited Indiana parts of the globe. Ducks Unlimited has a plan to stop this trend. The goal of Ducks Unlimited is wetlands enough to provide sky with birds of water in the near future and into the future. DU is able to achieve its goals by forming diverse private and Ducks Unlimited Indiana public partnerships that address the entire spectrum of issues that continue to degrade the habitat of waterfowl throughout North America.

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